PlayStation Plus fees to increase in September

PlayStation Plus fan rejoice! Or not… Sony recently announced that it would increase the price of it’s PlayStation subscription by $10, to a total of $60 ($70 CAD).

The announcement does not come with any new features and simply mentions “current market conditions.” as a reason for this change of price.

PlayStation fan will have until September 22nd to get their subscription at the old price!

Nintendo posts new Zelda game videos

Nintendo recently posted on Facebook 2 new videos of their upcoming game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The first video shows off some cooking and woodcutting action, while the second one reveals that the Koroks will be back in the new installment of the popular series.


Major Dark Soul 3 Announcement Upcoming

The news comes from the official English Dark Souls’ twitter account where game’s developer, FromSwoftware teased a “major announcement” is coming soon.

For now, only the date of the announcement, August 24, was revealed. It could be some sort of DLC.