Attempt at a webnovel

Would you be surprised if I said that I like writing? I mean, I didn’t really tell this to anyone before I suppose. I really enjoy writing, but somehow my stories are never up to the standard that I set for myself.

I guess it’s like that for everyone who starts something new right? As someone who enjoys learning about languages, you would think that I would spend more time using those languages in creative ways ,especially since I enjoy reading Japanese light novels and I also enjoy role playing games such as D&D.

Today I want to try something new. I don’t expect that anyone will read it, but I’m actually going to try to write a story. I have a pretty good idea of where I want it to go, but I also tend to not be able to tell a story from point A to point B without going to from E to W somehow…

To force myself to work on this more frequently, I am going to try to write 1 chapter per week, if not more (when I actually get extra inspiration).

As time goes and as I improve my writing, I might revisit what I publish at a later point.

I hope that you will enjoy it, even if it’s not great!

I escape the end of the world, but I ended up in another world