Happy new year (2021)


Happy new year! 2020 was difficult for many people, but we are now setting our sight on 2021 and hoping that it will be a better year! 2021 Is filled with many project ideas for me!

I am going to be discussing some of those projects here:

YouTube Channel

I recently started working on a YouTube channel. There is only 1 real video so far, and lockdown has slowed down my ability to do anything interesting. But I hope that you look forward to what I create in the future! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCINiXF2dDrqJaYULEoTvXuQ

Web Novel

It’s no secret: I love Japanese light novels. After thinking about it and thinking that I want to create my own story, I decided to stop thinking about it and actually start doing it. I don’t think it will be absolutely stellar, but I think it will be good practice! I want to make this a weekly thing at least, to see how far i can push this as a habit. I escaped the end of the world, but I ended up in another world

Going to Japan

After about 15 years of wanting to go to Japan, I think it’s finally time to actually do it! The university I’m studying in right now has an exchange program to Japan. I intend to go to Japan for 1 year and blog about my experience too! I am also thinking of making YouTube videos about it. Please look forward to it!

I am really looking forward to all the things I can do in 2021. I wish you all a great year!